Peppered Cory

Peppered Cory


Peppered Cory Aquarium Care
Size Up to 3 inches or 7.5 cm
Fish Hardiness Easy to keep
Water Temperature 66.2 to 80.6°F or 19 to 27°C
Water pH 6.0 to 8.0
Water Hardness 2 to 25 dH
Peaceful or Aggressive Peaceful
Number of same species in tank Two or more
Community Species Yes
Sexes Males are more slender built than the wider females especially when viewed from the top
Strata Bottom
Food Bottom feeder pellets, flake food and blood worms that sinks to the bottom
Breeding Fairly easy to breed
Breeding temperature 71.6 to 75.2°F or 22 to 24°C
Other names Pepper Cory, Peppered Corydoras
Scientific name Corydoras paleatus
Lifespan 5 years


Ideal Conditions for this Aquarium Fish

Appearance This another species of colorful tropical freshwater fish. They have a light brown body color covered all over by mostly irregular darker brown patches. They are little busy bodies but very peaceful and like all Cory Cats they stay at the bottom of the fish tank most of the time.

Peaceful, Community All Corydoras are peaceful and ideal for a community aquarium setup to clear all the extra flake food that sinks to the bottom.

Feeding To keep them in their best shape it is a good idea to give them additional food in the form of bottom feeder pellets. Depending on the size of your tank you can keep two or more to keep the bottom clean, together with fish of other species.

Strata It is important to note that this Cory like all fish with barbels or whiskers do best on a tank floor covered with finer gravel.

A very coarse gravel tends to injure them on their barbels which can even lead to death in severe cases. They mainly use their barbels to find the food on the bottom therefore it is important to have finer or rounded gravel on the tank floor.