The Way for Betta Fish Breeding

Someone who takes care of betta fish needs to know about the betta fish breeding. In order to breed betta fish, the owner of betta fish should prepare many things to support the breeding process of betta fish. As we know that betta fish is the most popular aquarium fish that is able to be breed in a simple way as long as the owner knows about how to breed betta fish. It is important to breed betta fish because there are many people want to buy this kind of popular fish. So, as an owner, we can take an advantage of it.

Equipment for Betta Fish Breeding

In order to prepare the betta fish breeding, we need to know about the equipment that can be the fundamental things for breeding the betta fish. There are several equipments that need to be prepared. First of all, we need to prepare an empty gallon tank with the capacity at least 10 gallons. After that, we should fit a lid and also prepare the light on the top of the tank. The next step is to prepare a 25 watt of heater that can make the water warm. After that, we can also prepare air pump and also a sponge filter. The other things that need to be prepared are a plastic wrap and Indian almond leaves.

Setting Tank for Betta Fish Breeding

In order to set a tank for betta fish breeding, we need to make sure that the water contained in the tank is about 3 or 4 inches for the spawn. The next step is to set the heater that has been prepared in the degree of 80. Then, set the Indian almond leaves in the corner to soften the water. The next step is to allow the water to settle overnight before we place the pair of betta fish.