Tropical Fish Index

Here is my Tropical Fish Index of the most common freshwater tropical fish listed in alphabetical order by common name. Please bear in mind that some fish are known by more than one common name, so if you can’t find the name that you are looking for, try to look for another name by which that fish is also known.

African Butterfly Fish
Angel Fish
Bala Shark
Betta Fish Care(Siamese Fighting Fish)
Black Neon Tetra
Black Skirt Tetra
Bleeding Heart Tetra
Bloodfin Tetra
Bolivian Ram Cichlid
Bronze Corydoras
Cardinal Tetra
Chinese Algae Eater
Clown Loach
Common Pleco
Convict Cichlids
Discus Fish
Dwarf Gourami
Firemouth Cichlid
German Blue Ram
Giant Danio
Glowlight Tetras
Harlequin Rasbora
Jack Dempsey Fish
Marble Hatchet Fish
Neon Tetra
Panda Cory
Peppered Cory
Rosy Barb
Rummy Nose Tetra
Serpae Tetra
Silver Dollar Fish
Tiger Barb
Tinfoil Barb
Zebra Danio